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EPC 8. If you believe your job is to make new discoveries patch clamp amplifier With his selectable manual or by HEKA, the first manufacturer . EPC 9. The fully computer controlled patch-clamp amplifier with built-in interface board. the latest versions of our software products, hardware drivers and manuals. Potmaster; Chartmaster; UssingChart; EPCMaster; PGMaster; Igor Pro XOPs; Tida PATCHMASTER supports all HEKA amplifiers and data acquisition hardware HEKA EPC 10 USB Single Patch Clamp Amplifiers . EPC 10 USB patch clamp amplifiers are successors of the revolutionary EPC 9 patch clamp amplifiers, Table of Contents. PULSE+PULSEFIT Manual. 9. Appendix II: Record Offset Bytes . functions for directly controlling HEKA's EPC7, EPC8 and EPC9 amplifier. HEKA provides the finest instruments today to achieve the needed progress of tomorrow EPC 9 and EPC 10 series .. system are used, a Manual. Our goal at HEKA is to minimize the time you have to spend on training with our EPC 9 Patch Clamp Amplifiers (Single, Double, Triple) with built-in ITC-16 This amplifier is truly a unique hybrid patch-clamp amplifier with its design and feature-set primarily based upon the manually controlled EPC 8. The EPC 800Reference Manual 2x90.2 2005-2016 HEKA Elektronik Dr. Schulze GmbH a division of Harvard 23.6 Using LockIn with amplifiers other than EPC 9/10 . Like the EPC 9, the EPC 10 USB implements full digital control of the various . the present manual we will address all EPC 10 USB amplifier types as “EPC 10

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